Sean Carter

Property Types

  • 33% Beach House
  • 22% Hostel/Hotel
  • 22% Farms
  • 22% Other

Property Status

  • 100% For Sale

Property Cities

  • 50% Bahia de Caraquez
  • 17% Quito
  • 17% La Barra
  • 17% Other

About Sean Carter

Sean Carter boasts an extensive residency spanning over two decades within the vibrant landscape of Ecuador. Throughout this substantial period, he has not only established his home but has also cultivated a prolific portfolio in the realm of real estate. His prowess extends beyond mere ownership as he has adeptly navigated the intricate domain of property transactions, showcasing a remarkable acumen in buying and selling a diverse array of properties.

Moreover, Sean Carter’s commitment to facilitating seamless property acquisitions for expatriates led him to institute a legal firm specializing in easing the concerns and complexities often associated with such endeavors. His visionary approach to founding this legal entity stemmed from a passionate desire to assist expats in navigating the intricate web of property acquisition without the burden of apprehensions or uncertainties.

Language: English

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