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For-Sale By Owner(FSBO) SEO Prebuilt Web-Based Platform

Want to take your listing to the next level? Introducing our top-tier SEO strategy, designed to skyrocket your online visibility. With a meticulously curated domain name (either .com or .net) and a prebuilt Web-Based Platform serving as a tailored billboard, complete with customer-specific SEO optimized strategies, you’ll see a staggering 300% increase in views. But that’s not all – you’ll also receive monthly SEO reports and a guarantee of 150 unique IP address visits per month. And here’s the kicker: if we don’t meet this target, you’ll get an additional six months of service at no extra cost. All this for only $249.95, including the Platinum Listing Package. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Understanding a Web-Based Platform

Our web-based platform may appear similar to other websites, but it distinguishes itself through comprehensive SEO strategies. Our approach encompasses a wide array of techniques, including keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, content optimization, link building, user experience (UX) optimization, mobile SEO, and voice search optimization. Moreover, we leverage advanced tactics known only to seasoned professionals in the SEO industry. With our holistic approach, we ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness in online search results.

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Multi-Listing Platform

Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or embarking on the journey of establishing a robust online presence, our multi-listing platform offers a comprehensive turn-key solution. Simply provide us with your photos, videos, and essential information, and we’ll take care of the rest. To kickstart your endeavors, we’ll install your initial 25 listings at no additional cost. Subsequently, you can enjoy the convenience of adding listings for just $9.95 each.

Within a swift 48-hour timeframe, your platform will be up and running, meticulously optimized for SEO to maximize visibility and reach. Our introductory package, priced at an accessible $499.95, delivers solutions tailored to your needs. By joining our ONE OF A KIND LISTING network, comprising fellow real estate professionals and FSBO entities, you’ll unlock unparalleled exposure across leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yippy, Dogpile, and Yandex.

As your business flourishes, our platform seamlessly scales to accommodate your growth trajectory, ensuring unwavering support and enhancement of your professional pursuits.

Following the initial year, the subscription rate decreases to $99.95 annually, with an additional $14.95 charge per listing.

Bulk Buying

Enhance your website’s visibility and increase its online presence by leveraging our premium listing service. With the option to bulk purchase listings at a competitive rate starting from just $14.95 each, you can significantly amplify your online reach.

Here’s how it operates: We craft a dedicated listing on our platform, strategically linking it to your website. This process, known as back-linking, serves to augment your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance. Picture SEO as a vast web – the greater its expanse, the more leads it ensnares. 

To access this discounted rate, a minimum purchase of 10 listings is required.

Moreover, each listing enjoys a substantial duration of 6 months, providing enduring value as a potent backlink asset. Invest in quality backlinks today and fortify your website’s digital footprint for sustained growth and visibility.


Ghost Writing

Realtors frequently use the following social media platforms to market properties and connect with potential clients:

1. **Facebook**: Ideal for posting property listings, running ads, and engaging with local communities through groups and pages.
2. **Instagram**: Perfect for showcasing high-quality photos and videos of properties through posts, Stories, and Reels.
3. **LinkedIn**: Used for professional networking, sharing industry insights, and connecting with other real estate professionals.
4. **Twitter**: Helpful for sharing quick updates, news, and engaging with a broader audience.
5. **Pinterest**: Great for posting visual content, such as home décor ideas and property photos, to attract potential buyers.
6. **YouTube**: Effective for creating and sharing video tours of properties, client testimonials, and market updates.
7. **TikTok**: Increasingly popular for short, engaging videos that showcase properties and provide quick tips.

These platforms help realtors reach a wide audience, engage with potential buyers, and build their professional brand.

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